The Phoenix – Character Bio


The Phoenix –  Birth


When she walks into the room, all heads turn.  Her glimmering ruby hair sprinkled with iridescent golden streaks, and starlight white and purple highlights, her crystal ocean blue eyes accented by a hint of matching glitter, by long and thick black eyelashes, her ivory translucent skin, highlighted by the slightest tint of cinnamon cheeks and luscious velvety burgundy lips make her a stand out.


Her clothes are just as eclectic.  No outfit is ever the same and each one is more colorful than the one before.  There is always a metallic, shimmering to what she wears.  The sleeves of her robes are long and wide, like an eagle’s wings echoing their colorful expanse.  She does not frequent any renowned designer.  Where her clothes come from is just as mysterious as she is.


She is never seen anywhere before her services are needed and won’t be seen again unless they are completed.  She cannot be summoned.  Her exploits are known only to those whom she has helped, and they are then sworn to secrecy.  If you see her, it is because someone is in need. Every once in a while, though, for her personal curiosity, she may appear at an event she considers intriguing.


You cannot reach her.  She comes to you.  How does she do this?  Only she knows.


Her mind and psychic abilities outshine anyone else and are another mystery.  She does not belong to groups of psychics, soothsayers, or any other such ilk of personages.  Her ocean-blue eyes see everything and everyone and aid her in how she chooses her next client.  One does not merely seek her out-she will seek you out when your situation warrants it.


So how does she do it?  She meditates and looks at her magic crystals, her Tarot cards (though she does this just for fun and doesn’t put much stock in them-they merely provide a possible path) and any other spiritual tools she has accumulated through her numerous years and voyages throughout Earth (and perhaps other planets?).  She sees many interesting or fetching revelations, but only the most helpful capture her attention.  Once her mission is considered an intricate part of someone’s destiny, she will contact that individual.  She will just appear wherever that client might be. Whether she decides then to select that client depends on many factors and there is never the same set of circumstances to catch to her attention. The rules vary from case to case.


She is often thought to be other worldly.  Her powers are rumored to be supernatural and that is the reason she is called, “The Phoenix.”  The Phoenix, being born and born again of dangerous events, will always resurface.


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