I Can Never Say Love


I can never say love.

I see your wondrous blue eyes open wide,

wider than the breath of my devoted heart,

and you move away from my side.


I can never say “love,”

though my blood rushes when you near,

and the time together is never enough,

and the word is filled with fear.


I can never say “love.”

Nevertheless, we’re no longer the same,

becoming more and more one,

and caring does dull the pain.


I can never say “love,”

yet we meet it when our fingers touch,

when we raise each class of ruby wine.

To admit the truth would be too much.


I want to say “love,”

to release a burning cosmic energy,

to take you into me,

to unite in lovers’ ecstasy.


I want to say “love,”

and here you grateful to confess,

what we’ve tried so hard to hide,

no longer guilty of wanting more than less.


I can never say “love,”

I have only myself to blame.

Maybe we can say it,

but it’s not because we don’t,

it’s just because we do.

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