It Can’t Be Love

I know you say it cannot be,

But when you’re far from me,

I see your face and taste your smile,

I feel your arms and all the while

You say it cannot be.

You say ours is not real love,

And what we feel, we must rise above,

Yet my body knows yours well—

Pressed close to mine, sworn not to tell,

Yet you say it cannot be love.

I say we love, there is no doubt.

Hard as we may try, the secret’s out.

My very breath you do exhale,

Without your touch, my skin does pale.

And so, we love.  There is no doubt.


Copyright 1999


One response to “It Can’t Be Love

  1. wow. It’s so profound, I’d love to read lots more of your work!
    By the way, I write too– as well as on my I’d love it if you checked out some of my poems and stories.

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