Jesse, My Sparrow

Jesse, my sparrow,

Smiling face,

Cherub cheeks,

Polka dotted

By an impish hand,

Placing bits of brown

Here and there,

Some small,

Some smaller than small,

Barely visible,

Until standing close enough

To see the twinkle

In your laughing eyes.

Jesse, my sparrow,

Fly away,

Not like a ladybug,

Who protects her brood,

But up to Heaven’s gates,

Where you can watch over us

And shape the clouds

Into familiar shapes

(so we can recognize them)

And know you are safe.

Jesse, my sparrow,

Your seat

Sits vacant, yet full

Of memories

I could easily forget

As I might your name,

Your smile…

Or the sun.

Now, instead of a cold plastic prison

Holding you to an earthly plane,

You are tucked away,

Neatly and tenderly

In a special corner of our hearts.


Jesse, my sparrow,

Too early departed.

In Memoriam to Jesse, my student, 1994

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