If I could catch a handful of fireflies,

I would let them light up my life,

Their iridescent view of affairs

Of the globe,

Opening a window into the world’s soul,

Permitting anyone a glimpse of reality,

As seen through a watercolor eye

Of cool blues and greens accented

With a touch of earth tones for humility.

I could make them into anything—

A flashlight whose beam could extend

From Earth to the Moon and then,

A searchlight crisscrossing the skies

Over the six foot high Hollywood sign,

A beacon staring out to sea

And guiding ships away from shore,

Or I could put them in a jar

And watch them light up

All night long until I fell asleep.

On and off, off and on

Their ceaseless compulsion to glow

Never fails to amaze me,

Even when they may not feel like lighting up,

Their tiny souls turn their bellies

On and off, off and on,

And I feel better just because

I know they are in the world.

Their gleaming green halo

Encircles me and I too begin to glow

From inside out, all about

And find myself unafraid of a world made

With creatures like these who ease

Me into each new day,

Having witnessed a small miracle

Of what we all call life.


Copyright 1999

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