Free Spirit


Slivers of the dawn’s early light have

Just descended,

Glistening crystals of dew sprinkled

Along your way.

Do you take notice of them, or do you


Pass them by?

Do you steal a glimpse of their

Wondrous beauty,

Suddenly recognizing that your own

Piercing glance

Is being identically mirrored

Back to you,

By the Free Spirit who is smiling


Do you suddenly inhale deeply

And appreciate

The awakening of the roses,

The daisies,

The bluebells, the morning glorys –

Permeating the yet uncontaminated

Morning air,

Savoring all their magnificence

In a secret part of your memory

The Free Spirit has taught you

Alone how to access;

One you alone can now

Conjure at will.

One you need share with only yourself,

When you feel the need to remember

What it means to be a Free Spirit.

These secret memories can be shared

At will with other Free Spirits.

All you have to do is think it, wish it,

And they will enter the universe,

To be plucked out of the air

And shared with the one

You know is in your heart.

To be the other Free Spirit,

The one who doesn’t fit,

In the round hole or the square peg;

The Free Spirit who has suddenly appeared

In your world

To tear down mere earthly understandings,

Replacing them with infinite spiritual experiences

So that you, too, can perceive them

As other Free Spirits do,

Because hopefully you are more aware too,

Of the guidance of the Free Spirit

Sent to you by powers that may be.

You still do not understand,

But you will,

So that now you, too, can venture out

From your black and white world

And accept the guidance of your

Free Spirit

You have now discovered.


Copyright 2012

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