Sacred Pathways

Dew drops descending

From the new dawn

Illuminate pathways

Along life’s way.

I see them too

But my path

Leads elsewhere.

Your path

Is lined with purples, reds and,

Of course, bright yellow daffodils.

My path

Is lined with fairy houses,

The tiny wings beating furiously

As they search the greenest

And most luscious forests

For their lovers’ secrets,

To cast upon these lovers,

Spells to heighten the senses.

Later there will be raindrops

Cooling both pathways

Leaving precious manna

For all the flowers and imps to enjoy,

And to beautify their worlds

With what they must give back to each other,

And to themselves.

These flowers and sprites

Will never fail

To provide endless tranquility

And a wondrous sight to be seen-


Copyright 2012

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