Don’t Wish The Days Away

Don’t wish the days away

for each one tells a tale.

Don’t wish the days away

for soon it will be to no avail.

I’ve wished my life away

and, many times, your love.

I’ve often looked the other way

when I should have placed you high above.

And now, each time I hear you say

you “wish” for this or that,

I chide myself for foolish pride

for ignoring that which truly mattered.

Don’t wish the days away

for soon the sun won’t shine

and all that should have made me smile

no longer will be mine.

I hear you wish the days away

and would that I could change my fate

but all the penance in the world

can’t keep me from my date.

I’ve wished my life away,

I’ve chosen to stay so closed

and never share nor open up

for fear of questions you might have posed.

I’ve watched the days fade away

and never thought to think

what would happen were it all to end,

if everything ceased faster than a wink.

I’ve never thought to wish for the day

I would wake from my feigned sleep

and cherish openly those around me,

those whom I’ve truly loved so deep.

And now, my wishes seem all over.

Were there perhaps still just one,

I would wish to do it all over

with a loving heart, and, at last,

eyes wide open.


Copyright 2012

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