When we meet again

When we meet again

You will be whole

With no cancer eating away

At your insides and outsides,

Where we can travel

Anywhere we want

As we have always planned.

When we meet again

I, too, will be whole,

Free of all of these ailments

You have left me to deal with

On my own.

When we meet again

The pain will finally be over

And I will embrace you

As I have never done so before

Gloriously and deliriously happy

To just see your beautiful face

And hold your hands in mine.

When we meet again

Peace will be the only option

And those I will have left behind

Will not grieve long knowing

I have found you, still waiting for me,

After all this time.

When we meet again

Our grandchildren will be grown

And have fond memories

And their parents’ love

To ease them through their pain

Of losing the one of us

Whose time it actually was

To leave.


Copyright 2012

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