The Phoenix

I am the Phoenix
and out of golden flames
of beliefs renewed
I appear.
I can grant your wishes
and fulfill your deepest desires
if you will but unlock
your mind.
A wave of my wing
ignites infinite bursts of
uncountable colors,
shaming even the Peacock.
The tips of my wings
which once soared high above
the Great Wall of China,
are now captured
in the kaleidoscope
of an untainted child,
germinating seeds of wild imagination.
Tales of my escapades
come to life
in the wonder of their trusting eyes,
fanning the flames of my existence.
Indeed, I am the Phoenix
and when the world succumbs
to apathy and hopelessness,
into golden flames of despair
then will I once again appear.

Published Spring 1990. Seasons of Poetry

Pat’s Peeve for today: Why is it on the majority of crime shows everyone enters the crime scene with mag flashlights and proceed throughout the house or crime site without ever just turning the lights on?

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